6 Reasons San Diego needs Integrity Plus Property Management

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We started Integrity Plus because we saw a real need for quality and reliability in the property management business, especially in the single family and small to medium sized rental property markets.

We are a family owned and operated business built on six main principles:

1The first, and most important, is Integrity. It is the name we chose for our business and what we stand for.

2Reliability means that if something needs to be done, it gets done correctly. Maintenance needs are addressed immediately. Our owner/clients don’t have to worry that their properties or tenant/customers are not being cared for. Property management is not a side business for us. We don’t sell houses or do mortgage loans. We partner with other real estate professionals for those services. We are singularly dedicated to the business of managing property.

3Professionalism means we do business the right way. Our membership and involvement in business and trade organizations help us stay informed of the ever-changing regulatory and legal aspects of the business. We verify workers comp and liability insurance on our vendors. Our forms and disclosures are current for the industry and regularly reviewed and updated. That’s all part of doing business the right way.

4The level of service that you get from us exceeds the norm for the industry. We drive by every property on a regular basis and check with the tenants to be sure that things are going well. Our online portal allows tenants to pay rent, review their payment history, request maintenance, all at no charge. Owners can log in to see their financials and other statements anytime, anywhere.

5Experience comes from the many years we have been managing rental property. We started doing this over twenty years ago when we purchased our first rental property and have owned and managed property ever since. This experience means that good decisions will be made with regard to tenant and vendor selection, setting rent rates, and management policy and strategy.

6Finally, our sense of community leads us to give back a portion of every dollar we earn to support a local organization that is working to add value to the lives of the people around us.

There you have it: Integrity, Reliability, Professionalism, Service, Experience and Community. We appreciate the opportunity to introduce Integrity Plus Property Management and invite you to visit our website at

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